Eschatology Ideas

Here is a proposal for Eschatology within the Orthodox Preterist perspective. The ideas here represent the first attempt to outline and describe the ideas that have been developing for many years.

Analysis of Book of Daniel

  • Daniel Overview (pdf) Here's a preliminary overview on Daniel.
  • Daniel 7 Self Explanation of Vision Don't look at the vision verses alone. But look also at the explanations at the same time.
  • Daniel 8 Self Explanation of Vision. This provides an interesting presentation of the interpretation of the vision by an angel. Also there's an introduction to the fulfillment of the prophecies through the commentary of Calvin.
  • Daniel 8 Detailed Self Explanation of Vision. (pdf) This table presents more details of the interpretation in order to help discover more deeper study.
  • Daniel Table of Cross-related Verses (pdf) This document shows how the same ideas appear repeatedly across different chapters of Daniel. Be cautious though since the table may have wrong associations or may be missing some associations. The goal of this table is to present potentially benefitial ideas for further study.
  • Prophecies of Daniel 2 This book, written by John Evans, has been recommended by John Anderson, of The Voice of Reason Live, as a well studied resource about the Book of Daniel. This book presents the analysis of various views of the four kingdoms and shows how the best timing points to the Roman Empire as the fourth kingdom with the destruction of the empire beginning with the time of Christ.

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