Christ Jesus offered Himself as the only means of salvation. Salvation means that a person is delivered from the wrath of God, a wrath that comes upon man for sins committed individually.

Salvation comes to a person when he or she believes in the name of Jesus. Such people have received Jesus and His message. The atoning death at the cross and the subsequent resurrection of Jesus represents the essential message received by Christians. Those that become Christians have faith or belief (i.e. a disposition or inclination to trust God).

Faith occurs by an individual toward a person or toward something. Biblical usage of faith pertains to having an inclination to trust God. A man may feel like he has more faith or less faith based on certain events or observations in his life, but such views of his faith doesn't change his salvation.

The Bible was written by various men being inspired of God. The Bible is a written record of God's message to mankind. The Bible holds final authority in questions of doctrine (and all doctrine should be reasonably derived from scripture).

The Bible is not a matter of interpretation. The goal of the student of scripture lies in getting past interpretation and into comprehension of scripture. Culture and tradition, including those of Christianity, secular, and other religions, lead us to interpret scripture instead of understand scripture.

The Bible says what it says. The wording of scripture passed down to us has essentially remained unchanged through a constant chain of writings from Moses time (circa 1700BC) to the final writings of scripture, those writings by the Apostle John (65AD for Revelation). The scriptures may represent writings of history, poetry, metaphor, quotations, prophecy, laws, and decrees (among many other topics). The distinction among these forms of writing are often clearly discovered, but some must be understood by more careful examination.

God is One. Three persons exist in the God head: the Father, the Son (Jesus), and the Holy Spirit. A plurality in the Godhead was expressed in Gen 1:26 and is _clarified_ through the teachings of Christ Jesus recorded in the Gospel accounts. No other gods exist and the Bible offers the most clarified written or revealed description of the only true and existing God of all creation.

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