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I have assembled and developed various tools to help organize data for writing on Romans. Some of these tools and files are described and shown below.

Programs and Code

Files used

The main files used for assembling ideas often started as the final format for sorting and collecting information. But then the files grew too large plus there was need to prepare for various goals -- such as assembling the most critical ideas to be addressed for each chapter of Romans.

Was to have all information for Romans as collected in studies and as developed into new theories. The main use now is to collect much of the general theories and overviews of Romans plus many cultural elements of Rome, Judaism and Christianity.
This file allows ideas on each verse to be collected as the thought comes. There is no need to figure out some broad topic to store the idea under when the idea is only a single verse. Also, an "intro" can be added for a set of related verses such as for 3:21-26 regarding justification. Such intro allows ideas applicable to the set of verses be listed only one time. Generally quotes from books are put into the RomansLoopup.ods spreadsheet such that the RomansVerseByVerse can simply be a text document.
A spreadsheet allows for a simple way for people to create pages or sheets for each chapter of Romans plus a few sheets to cover summary information, common topics, and special topics (such as 'boasting'). Each chapter then can start with an Overview section followed by groups of verses to follow the general divisions held by many scholars. By storing various data into specific columns, the data is well organized and could even be automatically resorted or extracted via the creation of OpenOffice macros. So column 'A' holds the title (or verse range), column 'B' is used to store a short name of the author and article and page numbers, then column 'C' holds the quoted text.
Main concepts for each chapter of Romans are collected here. In a sense the format was created as a prototype for a complete commentary on Romans. Some theories and articles are included as these become important for expressing the context and flow of Romans. Also, a checklist of research tasks are noted.
Bib2Ver3.ods bibliography file
The file went through a few format revisions and hence has a complicated name. Basically this file is easy for collecting book names and articles. The spreadsheet provides simple ability to maintain a column of specific titles (articles or books), authors, publishers and other information. Using a combination of macros and dos batch files the data was able to be placed into csv files for import into phpBibliography on this website.
List of journal abbreviations and other abbreviations that might be encountered in study on Romans

A collage of images of the files are shown below. The specific image (1 of 6) will expand has the mouse cursor is moved over the area were the picture is first seen. Note that the pictures were tinted to help identify distinct images that can be selected.

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