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Written Also for Our Sake': Paul's Use of Scripture in the Four Major Epistles, with a Study of 1 Corinthians 10
James W. Aageson
Hearing the Old Testament in the New Testament. Stanley E. Porter (Eds.). 2006. 1235.
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In the Face of the Empire: Paul's Use of Scripture in the Shorter Epistles
Sylvia C. Keesmaat
Hearing the Old Testament in the New Testament. Stanley E. Porter (Eds.). pp. 182-212. 2006. 1234.
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Hearing The Old Testament in The New Testament
Stanley E Porter
. Stanley E. Porter (Eds.). 2006. 1239.
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The Use of the Old Testament in the New Testament as a Rhetorical Device: A Methodological Proposal
Dennis L. Stamps
Hearing the Old Testament in the New Testament. Stanley E. Porter (Eds.). 2006. 1238.
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Synagogue Influence on Paul’s Roman Readers
Bruce N. Fisk
Papers from SBL 2006 Annual Meeting. 2006. 1213.
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Mapping the Field: Approaches to New Testament Ethics
Richard B. Hays
Identity,Ethics, and Ethos in the New Testament BZNW. J. G. van der Watt (Eds.). pp. 01/03/19. vol. 141. 2006. 1160.
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Flourishing Bones: The Minor Prophets in the New Testament
Helmut Utzschneider
Septuagint Research: Issues and Challenges in the Study of the Greek Jewish Scriptures. SBLSCS. Wolfgang Kraus and R. Glenn Wooden (Eds.). pp. 273-85. vol. 53. 2006. 1227.
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The Future of Christian Biblical Scholarship
Richard B. Hays
Nova et Vetera. pp. 95-120. vol. 4. 2006. 1163.
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The Palpable Word as Ground of Koin?nia
Richard B. Hays
Christianity and the Soul of the University: Faith as a Foundation for Intellectual Community. D. V. Henry ; M. D. Beaty (Eds.). pp. 19-36. 2006. 1162.
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Made New by One Man’s Obedience: Romans 5:12-19
Richard B. Hays
Proclaiming the Scandal of the Cross: Contemporary Images of Atonement . Mark D. Baker (Eds.). pp. 96-102. 2006. 1161.
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Romans 12:4-8: One sentence or two
Kenneth Berding
New Testament Studies. pp. 433-439. vol. 52. 2006. 951.
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Paul's Stoicizing Politics in Romans 12-13: The Role of 13.1-10 in the Argument
Troels Engberg-Pedersen
Journal for the Study of the New Testament. pp. 163-72. vol. 29no. 2. 2006.
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A 'New Perspective' Reading of Central Texts in Romans 1-4
Don B. Garlington
prepared for the Evangelical Theological Society.. 2006. 768.
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The Hardening of Pharaoh's Heart in Its Literary and Cultural Contexts
Dorian G. Coover Cox
Bibliotheca Sacra. pp. 292-311. vol. 163no. 651. 2006. 972.
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Kingdom of God

Kingdom of God. pp. 200. 2006. unpublished.
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